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21 September 2009 @ 07:21 pm
A la lumière - Chapter one  
Title: A la lumière
Author: [info]jaejaelover33, [info]tftcproductions, [info]sempre_amore
Genre: Sci-Fiction, Romance, Drama,
Pairings: YunJae, YooSu,  MinBill
Length: Character profile/?
Summary: A group of young gifted Senior students are sent to special school where they are able to learn to control and use their new found powers. A collision of Fire, Ice, Speed, Wings, Shape Shifting, Electricity,  Mind reading, and much more are sure to take your mind on a twisted ride.

Character Profile

Jung Yunho has currently been dating Mi-Kyoung, a senior in the same high school as Yunho. Their relationship was never very steady. They always had the on going break up - make up relationship. This just so happened to be another one of those so called break up fights.

"Mi-Kyoung, how could you!" Screamed Yunho as he had a hold of his girlfriends arm.

"I swear I didn't!" Mi-Kyoung protested, trying to get out of Yunho's grasp.

"Oh really, then please explain to me what I saw!"

Mi-Kyoung fell silent, unable to responded to the question being asked.

Yunho turned the corner, in a hurry to get to the restroom. Suddenly Yunho halted in place, eyes widened, jaw dropped and shock running through his veins. Right in front of him was his girlfriend and another guy, lip locking. Mi-Kyoung was holding the boy close, both had their eyes closed.

Yunho felt his blood boil and fury come upon him, but he took a deep breath and buried the rage inside himself. He didn't want to hit her, even though she did cheat on him. Yunho turned from his girlfriend and took a few steps, but then his rage boiled back to the surface, the rough restraints not keeping it down.

"What, you're just going to let her get away with this?"  Yunho thought to himself.

Turning back around, arm swinging up and mouth open to tell her off, something unexpected happened. A sharp pain ran through his arm and down his wrist. Sparks first and then a ball of flaming fire erupted out of his hand, the mass landing inches away from his girlfriend's head, burning a hole about the size of a tennis ball in the wall beside her.

Yunho grabbed his hand immediately, flinching in pain. He leaned against the wall next to the door out. Tears filled his eyes and pain was constantly throbbing in his limb.

Mi-Kyoung's eyes widened, gasping for air as she just saw her life flash before her eyes. "What are you? You're.. You're a freak!" My-Kyoung yelled as she ran from the scene.

Yunho's hurt eyes followed her, but they didn't follow for too long.

The pain in his hand started to ease. It actually didn't look that bad but he decided he should still visit the nurse.

Opening the office door, he was greeted by the nurse. "May I help you?" She asked.

"Ah, yes. I- I burnt my hand. Can I have some ice or something?" Yunho asked. holding out his hand to her.

"Here let me give that a look." The nurse grabbed his hand and a puzzled look came across her face.

"Is there a problem?" Yunho asked, a little nervous.

The nurse extended Yunho's hand to face him. There on his hand where the burn had once been was now only skin.

"There's no burn here." She said.


Junsu closed the heavy door behind him. His body fell into itself as the thoughts of moments just past raced in his mind. Flashes of his mother's empty eyes looking at him as one would look at something no better then a painting they had no interest in, a canvas that might of well have been blank. As his head fell forward on to his chest his eyes caught his old shoes. Their mud covered stained laces looking back as if they could offer some comfort. And they could, Junsu realized. They could, and they would.

Almost effortlessly, Junsu rose to his feet. His body lunged towards his window, not caring to stop and think or prepare for what he was doing next. The glass lifted in the frame easily and Junsu lifted his foot to the ledge. With a small jump he was on the ground outside looking around at his darkened yard and feeling the adrenaline rushing in his veins. He darted off towards the woods beside his house, their close trees looking like a whole other world to him, and that's where he wanted to be. In another world, as another person, and as he ran through the black trees, his eyes completely focused but not focusing on anything, he felt like he was.

He didn't stop until he came to a clearing. The woods opened up to a soft moonlit circle of long grass, no sounds spoiled the moment as Junsu walked across the sparkling clearing. His arms stretched out to touch nothing.

"This is what it should feel like," he whispered to himself, closing his eyes and turning his sweaty face up to the smile of the moon.

A sense of completeness washed him, but it was short lived. From the side of the clearing sounded a low growl. Junsu's eyes slowly opened and he turned on his heals to face the noise. Bright beams shone back at him, eight pairs of eyes in the darkness reflecting the moonlight like their personal war beacon. Junsu's arms slowly returned to his sides, his joy long gone from the moment.

Junsu's lips twitched with screams but he couldn't make a sound, the eyes made his whole body silence. Then, as if in slow motion, they stepped out onto the clearing. The wolves big grey bodies glistening silver in the new light, but the beauty was lessened by the feeling of dread. Junsu could see their lips curl over their yellowed teeth, saliva dripping freely from the dagger like fangs. His heart caught and he wanted to fall and let it be, but his body and the inner part of his mind that still believed in him pushed the thought of running to the inside of his eyelids. And like a dart Junsu was off.

He plunged into the woods again, flailing his arms to move the overgrown branches from his path and legs blurring in speed. He was fast, but the wolves were so much faster. Junsu pushed himself faster, faster, but no matter how fast he thought he got the wolves were always getting closer. Their paws crunching sticks as viciously as Junsu imagined they would crush his bones. His eyes closed as he ran. His legs were burning, the muscles feeling like they were expanding and contracting at the same time, his back arching in pain and exhaustion so his hands were almost touching the ground, then he felt it. He felt and heard and even smelt it.

The wolves were gone, the pack forgotten in the woods Junsu had just escaped from. He felt the speed still coursing in him and it felt like it belonged. Junsu felt himself smile at the thought of life. He looked around at the road he had come upon and then down at his feet.

Or, what should of been his feet. Two pale yellow paws covered in mud were at the end of his equally dirty and yellow long front legs. His eyes dilated, his body feel back on the gravel in shock. Junsu whimpered as his scalp was cut by the rocks, his hand coming up to cover the wound. Junsu looked over at his arm, the pale skin of a human shone. He sighed and relaxed in the gravel.

"What just happened to me?" He whispered.


Jaejoong could clearly hear the quickening footsteps not too far behind him. His stomach lurched in a mixture of fear and annoyance, the same as it did every day before. He ignored them as best he could and continued to trudge home through the icy slush. Home. The place where his mother was, just waiting to nag at him as soon as he opened the door.
She had been acting coldly toward him, only because she had found out about his sexuality. Jaejoong wasn't ashamed though and he didn't really care what his mother thought about him. Or what anyone thought of him for that matter. His mother could hate him and boss him around all she wanted. But Jaejoong had already decided that the day he turned eighteen he was moving out and that was it. It with all the nagging. It with put downs and insults.
The young boy sighed and watched as his warm breath collided with the cold winter air, making the fascinating illusion of smoke. A faint smile appeared on his lips and he wound his fingers absentmindedly around the straps of his overweight backpack.

"Hey pretty boy!" A displeasing voice called at random from the group behind Jaejoong, vanishing the boys smile in an instant. The blonde boy rolled his eyes and didn't respond, thankfully turning the corner to his street. He sped up his pace in order to get home before anything could happen.

"Come on, Jaejoong. I know you want to look at us with your big, gay eyes!" The ignorant boy persisted. Jaejoong could hear the rolls of laughter from the other boys in the group. He wanted nothing more than to turn to them and tell them to just grow up already. But Jaejoong knew what the consequences were for something like that, and that he was more afraid of then he was annoyed of their idiocy.

Jaejoong breathed out a relieved sigh when his house came into view a few moments later. He could only see his big porch though, sparkling shards of icicles hanging off the sides of it. It was pretty, to Jaejoong, and he would have slowed down just to look at them longer as they sparkled under the sun. But Jaejoong was more then aware of the boys catching up to him.

So Jaejoong walked faster, finally reaching his steps with relief. He dragged himself up them in a hurry, just about to make his way his front door when a loud clatter caught his attention. The man turned and looked up instinctively toward the noise coming from the roof.

Nearly half a dozen sharply pointed icicles had broken loose from the side of Jaejoong's porch. The shards of ice, ice as sharp as broken pieces of glass, were directly above his head, dangerously about to penetrate him. His eyes bulged as he watched the glistening icicles fall toward him and he raised his arms in front of his face, squeezing his eyes closed in fear.

Jaejoong's fingers tingled with anxiety as he waited for the pain to come. The pain to come. But it never did. It never came and he opened his eyes with curiosity and fear. Jaejoong saw the icicles before his eyes, but they weren't falling anymore. They were hovering above his upraised hands.

Jaejoong sucked in a large gasp of air and stepped backward toward his front door. His hands fell to his sides and his mouth dropped open as the icicles gravitated to the ground in a puddle of water. He stared at the puddle, astonished. What had just happened?

Jaejoong became aware again of the group of boys in front of his house when he heard one of them gasp, too. His eyes flickered up at them and he tried to portray his own confusion as best he could.

"H-he's a freak!" The boy in the front of the group stuttered. He raised his arm to point at Jaejoong and a handful of rocks fell from his palm. Then the boy ran from the scene, all of the others following him like obedient puppies.

Jaejoong shakily lifted his hands from his sides and stared cautiously at his own fingers. He wiggled them and when nothing happened he sighed. "What the hell did I just do?"


"Stay in the car, alright?" Changmin told his younger brother, Chinhwa, as he pulled up to the curve beside the post office. "I just need to give this letter to someone for mom, ok?"

Chinhwa nodded and smiled. "I'll stay, hyung!" He said childishly and opened his arms out to Changmin.

"I'll be right back," Changmin laughed as he turned off the engine, but he leaned across the seat to hug Chinhwa anyway. "Don't get stolen." He joked as he pulled away from the younger boy and pushed open the door to get out. Chinhwa giggled.

Changmin inched along the side of his car so he wouldn't get hit by the oncoming traffic that was oh so close to him. He finally was able to shut the door and he ran quickly around the front end of his vehicle and jump-stepped onto the sidewalk.

Changmin's eyes shifted as if on their own toward his brother. He found the boy staring childishly at him, and Chinhwa smiled in the way only a little boy could when he saw that Changmin was looking at him. Changmin couldn't help but smile back.

As he glanced away from his brother a nudge of worry for Chinhwa tampered with his mind. He looked back for a moment, but nothing had changed and he decided to just put it off as being simply overprotective. He had always been that way, since the day Chinhwa learned how to talk. 

Changmin never had many friends. He wasn't too nerdy or uncool to make friends, nothing like that at all. He just decided he didn't need them. Friends would just in the way of everything. Changmin became close with Chinhwa and named his little brother as his best friend.

The tall man sighed and clomped loudly up the stone stairs of the Post Office. The letter his mom had given him to mail off for her was held tightly in his fingers so he wouldn't lose it. His opposite hand pushed on the large, heavy door and he followed in behind it, cool air relieving his sweaty skin immediately.

Changmin smiled politely at the lady behind the counter. He handed her the letter and without saying anything she took and smiled back kindly. The boy took this as his cue to leave and he turned to the door again to do just that.

"Now that's done." Changmin said and mentally check-marked Post Office off of his errand list. He skipped down the steps while thinking of what else he had to still get done.

Changmin froze when he reached the empty space where his car had been parked. He instinctively looked up and searched the street quickly, as if he would find out that his car was playing tricks on him and had just moved up a few parking spaces. But his eyes widened when he saw his vehicle, swiftly driving away a far ways down the street ahead of him.

"WAIT! STOP!" Changmin yelled. But the car did not stop and the sudden knowing of what was currently happening brought tears to his eyes. His car was being taken and so was his younger brother.

Changmin looked around frantically, searching for someone who could help him. The eyes of the people around him watched him with confusion. Changmin wished they knew what was happening so he wouldn't have to take the time to explain. Time that could be spent in catching the creep that took his brother.

Changmin screamed : "Somebody help!" He pointed his arm to his car close to being out of sight. "My car- My little brother!"

A man in a uniform came to stand beside the panicking man. He took Changmin's arm and made him look at him. "What is it, Sir?" He asked.

Changmin starred at him, his eyes slowly glazing over red with fury. He ripped his arm from the mans grasp and turned back toward the direction of Chinhwa. "Somebody took my brother." He growled and his anger pushed him to run. To run after his brother with everything he had.

As Changmin ran, in his mind he was doubtful of catching the man who stole his car. He was doubtful his skinny legs could even compare to the speed a car could accelerate. But Changmin's anger and worry overran his feelings of doubt and he ran as fast as his legs would let him.

The scenery beside him became blurry, but Changmin hardly took notice. The wind rushing through the strands of his hair seemed more harsh, but he didn't pay attention to that. His only thought was to reach his brother, or at least stay close enough to his car to follow wherever the man was taking Chinhwa.

Changmin's legs suddenly felt like they were on fire. He cringed in pain but he didn't stop. The heat was increasing and his calves felt like they could melt, but he didn't stop.

The mans eyes caught sight of his car, only a few yard sticks away from him. He couldn't understand how he had caught the man so soon. He couldn't understand how he could of covered so much space in such a short ammount of time. But nonetheless he didn't care about that. He pushed his legs faster and it seemed in only a few seconds he was right beside his own car.

Changmin's eyes immediately flashed to the passengers seat in search of his brother. He found Chinhwa sitting there, a terrified expression engraved on his face. Changmin's rage boiled again more ferociously and before he knew what he was doing he jumped on the hood of his car.

Changmin's knees hit hard against the hood and his hands desperately grabbed onto the top of the car. When he found his balance, though still shaky with the car still in motion, he starred through the windshield and saw the man behind the wheel.

The tall man's lip raised with another growl and he raised one fist, holding on tightly to the car still with the other. The threat brought fright to the kidnappers face and the mans hand quickly searched for the door handle as his foot collided with the brake.

Not expecting the sudden stop Changmin fell against the windshield and he heard the door to his car open. He had nearly enough time to lift himself up from his fall to see the man fleeing from the scene.

Changmin smirked and pulled himself off of the car. He ran a hand through his hair nonchalantly and ran to the passenger seat door to open it. Chinhwa fell into his arms in tears.

"It's alright," Changmin shushed him, pulling his little brother closer to himself. He fell against the street and cradled Chinhwa in his arms. The young boys tears brought guilt onto his entire being. "I'm here."

Changmin could feel the gawking stares of the people on his back. He didn't know what to do about it, but it didn't really matter anyway. It wasn't like he could explain what had happened, how he had done what he had done.


Bare feet sounded against the metal of the stairs. Their frantic steps filling in with the thick boots in front of them, but their sound deafened to the weak slapping of skin.

"Ricky!" The barefooted boy shouted up the stairs, his voice being lost in the hurried footsteps. Ricky sped on, not looking back, and only stopping as he got to the very top to push the heavy door to the roof open. The light of the day shone in the darkness of the staircase, its velocity blinding the slower boy for seconds before he gripped onto the edge of the door himself.

He watched through narrowed eyes as Ricky stumbled out on the open roof, his hands flailing like he was desperately trying to pull himself where he needed to go.

"Ricky...," The boy whispered again, walking slowly out of the doorway. He bit on his lip as Ricky made his way to the short wall on the other side of the roof and looked over the edge. His body moved limply, like a rag doll being dragged only by the will of his own mind.

Ricky's voice started cracking, a throaty garble that was slowly evolving into a low sarcastic laughter.

"It's all in vain...," Ricky laughed, "everything... nothing will ever come of anything... no matter what... it's useless...-"

"No it's not!" The second boy yelled, running up just a few steps behind Ricky. "Why would you say that? What would make you think like that?" He whispered.

But Ricky just laughed back at his questions, his glossy eyes not once looking up from the blurred ground over the edge. "You and all your questions, Yoochunnie... all your questions..." He whispered to himself, shaking his heavy head.

"Ricky, please!" The boy screamed, "Your not thinking right! Please don't talk like this!-"

"I'm not thinking right?!" Ricky interrupted, his smile turning into a frown. "Yes... I guess I am... just not thinking right..."

The silence was quivering the boy to his bones. He looked on as Ricky kept his eyes on the scene below, like it was the most interesting thing he had ever seen. Like it was the most important thing he had ever seen.

"Yoochunnie," He whispered, his eyes shifting to the boy only for a moment before going back to the street. "I'm going to miss you, Yoochunnie-"

"Stop it!-" The boy yelled.

"This is something I have to do, please understand-"

"No, I wont understand, stop it!-"

"Yoochun..." He growled. his face finally lifted from the street, his pale cheeks streaked with grime and tears.

"Bye bye, brother." He smiled, then he tilted to the side and his body limply went off the short wall. The boy screamed and lunged for his brother and he caught his boot, but he only found himself being roughly dragged over the wall with his brother.

"Ricky!" He clawed up his brother leg to take hold of his waist.

"Yoochun, why did you follow me!" Ricky whimpered back.

"I love you, I will never let go of you!" The boy screamed, his voice catching with the wind and its sound blowing about like a song.

The boy screamed again, but not out of the pain in his heart, but a pain in his back. A bolt of agony ran up his spine, the bone feeling as if it were growing and shifting inside of the skin. His shoulder blades contracted and pushed against the skin as if making way for something, something large. Ricky gasped as two white nubs pointed out of his brothers back. They shifted in the folded away flesh before shooting out and snapping open.

"Yoochun!" Ricky screamed as the white wings arched around them and caught in the wind, almost entirely stopping them in midair. His brother himself screamed, his body convulsing from the crippling pain in his back. The boy looked down at Ricky's scared face and let his concentration of saving him slip, so the wings dipped on the ends and the two fell into a wide spiral towards the ground.

This time it was only seconds before they hit a small bush at the foot of the building. The boy finally let go of Ricky waist, the other rolling away from his and onto the soft freshly mowed grass next to the bush. The boy laid sprawled about the bush, his limbs limp around him and his wings halfway folded under his body, one sticking out and grazing the ground with the end of its feather fan. Ricky pulled himself to his feet first, looking down at his brother, a shocked expression painted on his sweaty face.

"Your a- a-..." He twitched and then fell over his brothers legs, making the boy grunt with the new weight. "Yoochun, what did you do? What are you?" He cried.

The boy looked up to the blue sky, his mind asking those same questions.
A/N: Hello bb's. Here's the first chapter. Right on time. We worked hard and long on it, hope it's up to your standards^^

Comments are always welcomed and enjoyed. Leave us some love and let's get this fanfic on the road!

We love you, bb's!

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but i was wondering, what does the title mean? is it in french?
webiwabwebiwab on September 30th, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
We're glad you like it^^ The title means 'To the light' in French, yes.
Thank you for reading and commenting :]
Aznkataznkat on October 17th, 2012 04:37 am (UTC)
Three years later...

Has this been abandoned? This storyline looks like it has a lot of potential, I was looking forward to it. Unless the story is somewhere else?